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Operation and Maintenance Management

What is the operation and maintenance service? In short: to ensure the normal operation of the network. From this point of view, the network operation and maintenance service can be regarded as the best life tie between service providers and customers.


In order to ensure a stable, safe, strong and extensible network for customers, from the perspective of service providers, there is a lot of work to be done, including asset information sorting, service process design, service architecture design, service process analysis, service delivery control, service summary report, service handover management and service improvement promotion. For customers, there are also many problems that need to be solved, including too many service interfaces to face, inability to solve problems in time when services appear, difficulty in controlling the operation of IT systems, and lack of knowledge about how to optimize the operation efficiency of IT systems.


In order to better help customers meet the needs of network operation and maintenance and solve the above problems, ECCOM conveniently proposed the role of service manager (HTOM). The ECCOM service manager is familiar with the customer's business, operation process and technical support history. ECCOM operation and maintenance service provides a professional ITIL service management knowledge, focuses on service quality management, responds to new demands and service level agreement (SLA) put forward by customers, and improves service manager of service delivery capability, thus providing customers with a continuous service experience and improving final satisfaction.


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