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The Site Operation and Maintenance


Nowadays, in the process of network operation, customers pay more and more attention to service quality and service provider's operation and service capability, and regard operation and service as an important indicator of integrator's bid follow-up operation and maintenance capability. ECCOM uses the self-developed operation service management platform (ITSM platform) to provide customers with high-quality on-site operation and maintenance services such as request response service and request fulfillment service.



Solution Description

With the help of professional operation and management platform tools, on-site operation and maintenance of ECCOM can be realized:

 ● Providing first-class network operation service process. Making service standards into “boxes” and continuously copy and optimize them. Through service engineering, it is difficult to reflect the value of network operation service engineers, improve customer satisfaction, and quantify job performance.


● Effective integration of personnel, processes and technologies. Through meticulous process management, it is solidified into ITSM platform to reduce management communication and coordination time and service cost. As the core system platform focusing on service strategy, it provides the core competitiveness of network operation market.


● Effectively improving on-site operation and service control, performance management of on-site service engineers and value presentation of customer service reports.


 Realizing the change from passively serving customers to actively providing customers with management and control risks, providing planned, predictable and process-oriented operation and delivery services, and finally realizing the goal of first customer operation and management thinking and customer-oriented operation and management moving.



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