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Configuration Normalization


With the increasing complexity of enterprise networks, the importance of network equipment configuration management has become increasingly prominent. Due to the large number of network equipment, the existence of equipment from different manufacturers and lack of standardized configuration management, it has become an important topic for enterprise IT department how to solve the equipment configuration management problems brought about by the above situation in order to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce the labor cost and improve the stability and security of network system operation.



Business challenge

In the network operation and maintenance, facing the increasingly complex network architecture and technology applications, customers are generally concerned about:

● With the continuous enrichment of services, the requirements for the stability and security of network system operation are getting higher and higher, and there are more and more potential hidden dangers caused by non-standard configuration, which need to be avoided.

● Due to differences in working habits and specifications of personnel involved in network construction and maintenance, there are differences in equipment configuration. How to unify and standardize equipment configuration to improve later operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce labor costs;

● How to quickly check the standardization and effectiveness of service provider configuration after project implementation is completed;

● How to solve the problem of heterogeneous network configuration when equipment from different manufacturers communicate with each other;

● The large number of equipment makes it difficult for administrators to check the configuration specifications of all equipment in the entire network efficiently and quickly.



Solution Description

ECCOM has launched following standardized configuration services in order to reduce the equipment operation risk caused by non-standard configuration, reduce the workload of operation and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the network system, and provide a knowledge reserve for customers to formulate unified specifications:


Configuration specification of routing switching equipment


Configuration specification of Firewall



Solution Benefit

● Combining professional knowledge and industry experience to help customers establish a standardized configuration baseline and a unified management process;

● Taking stability and safety as starting points to ensure uniform and standardized configuration methods, avoiding potential risks caused by personal habits and personal level, and improving the manageability of equipment;

● Regular audits and compliance checks, timely detection of risk points and adoption of measures;

● Continuously optimizing and improving the configuration baseline and management process, continuously improving the management effect;

● Comprehensively and rapidly improving the customer's risk control capability in configuration management by starting from the aspects of architecture, methods, tools and processes, etc.

● Relying on many years of industry experience, network expertise and automated tools to help customers shorten the implementation cycle of configuration check, improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce labor costs;


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