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Products & Solutions

Cloud Management Platform CloudEagle

Software Summary

At present, digital transformation has become a topic that most enterprises face. No longer just a supportive business, Information Technology has become the core productivity of enterprises. As more enterprises deploy their business load into the cloud architecture, the replacement of hot spots in technology, such as Hyper-Convergence, Container, Private cloud, Public cloud etc., is accelerating, and two deployment mode: Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud, have become the mainstream. For this reason, the rational use and delivery of above technologies become the focus. The IT department will transform its mode from the passive response into providing service delivery on its own initiative, moreover, the delivery targets will be diversified.


Under this background, ECCOM comprehensively analyzes the requirements and difficulties of cloud construction for various users:

● How to break the isolated island of resources and manage all cloud resource pools in a unified way?

● How to reduce the amount of manual operational work which is repetitive and inefficient?

● How to deliver cloud resources to end users in a more efficient and convenient way?

In order to solve these problems, ECCOM makes every effort to develop a Unified Cloud Management Platform (UCMP), and integrates the industry experience, enterprise IT construction and operation experience which were accumulated over the years into this product. By means of the ECCOM UCMP, users can realize the unified management of various cloud resources in a multi-cloud environment. Also, the automatic operation and maintenance of a cloudy architecture, and the operation and delivery can be easily realized by combining rich service processes.


UCMP, ECCOM's unified network cloud management platform, solves the ‘last mile’ problem of cloud computing construction!



Software Characteristic

Extensive cloud resource management

● Private cloud: VMware, Openstack, bare metal

● Public cloud: AWS, Azure, Aliyun

● PaaS: containers

● Network: SDN


Collaboration of cloud and network

● Unified orchestration of cloud platform and SDN

● Integrated operation and maintenance of cloud and network


Cloud operation and maintenance

● High level automation of operation and maintenance



Software Strength

Advanced software architecture

Separation of pages and services: makeing the deployment more efficient and flexible

● Supporting direct docking of background services

● Separating deployment according to the network division

● Speeding up page access

Full-HA architecture:  improving the platform usability

● HA of service module 

● HA of data message module

● HA of data acquisition module

Popular development frameworks: helping the fast iteration

● ReactJS: the front-end MVC framework, Facebook open source framework

● SSM: Spring MVC + Spring + Mybatis

● Message caching: Redis


Bringing convenience for various roles

Operation staff

● Implementing the management of various host computer easily

● Before the implement of a business, substantially reducing the preparation period of infrastructure

● Using automated processes to reduce repetitive and complex manual operations

Development tester

● Quickly creating the cloud resources and middleware required by the application system

● Independently implementing the life cycle management for cloud resources

● Quickly trial & error and iteration at low cost

Other Users

● Intuitive view of resources

● Convenient resource application process

● Friendly operation interface


Experience is like paying for water and electricity 


● Self-service of application development environment

● Self-service of infrastructure resource


● Flexible authority management

● Effective isolation of resources

Billing quota

● Intuitive quantitative resource use

● Directly reducing the resource idling



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NetEagle, promoted to improve network operation and maintenance quality of customers in all round based on many years of product delivery experience of ECCOM.






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