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Products & Solutions

Video Collaboration Management Platform Software

Software Summary

Since the development of video conference, from the resolution of QCIF at first to 720P and 1080P full HD now, to the development trend that can be seen in the future - 3D and holographic images. The parts visible to the naked eye of the user have developed dramatically. However, the development of video conference reservation and management is very limited. The interface for meeting reservation is still quite technical. In addition, it is difficult to integrate with OA, customize, and differentiate user rights. It is almost impossible to delegate meeting reservation to ordinary users. In addition, the control of large-scale meetings is also quite complicated. At the same time, there is a lack of data reports, meeting emergency mechanism and many other functions. Due to the cask effect, even if the video conference codec technology has more breakthrough development, the lack of system reservation, management and control functions will eventually lead to the inability to improve the user experience.



Software Function

The ECCOM Video Collaboration Management Platform is precisely a video conference reservation, management and control platform designed for domestic video conference users from the perspective of user experience. Therefore, the short board of the video conference is filled and the user is provided with an easy-to-use, easy-to-control and easy-to-manage high-definition video conference system.


It can help users easily realize flexible management of video conference and reasonable use of video resources, reduce maintenance costs, and save management time. Especially in view of the special requirements of domestic large enterprises, institutions and agencies for video conference management, special design and optimization have been carried out in the organization and resource scheduling, authority management, conference guarantee and other aspects of large video conference, so that the video conference system can be closer to the usage habits of Chinese users and improve the use effect of the video conference system.


At the same time, it helps enterprises to flexibly schedule the video network for conference resource management, provides various management modes such as centralized and decentralized management, and provides users with functions such as video conference resource management, conference reservation, video conference control, video conference guarantee, terminal configuration management, running state monitoring and report data, etc.


 Meeting reservation - the software provides a unified meeting reservation platform for users. Different users can divide different meeting reservation rights. The user can view the usage of the conference room through account login and make a meeting reservation.

● Integration with various information platforms - it can be integrated with outlook, SMS gateway and media publishing platform to realize notification of meeting information;

 System management – it can manage MCU, cisco video terminals, video conference rooms and other video conference related equipment, and can view the information of the equipment in real time;

● Conference control - the ECCOM Video Collaboration Management Platform has very powerful conference control functions, including basic functions such as mute and video ban. At the same time, it provides intelligent scene control function and scene control such as discussion and voice excitation. Depending on the video conference platform used in the system, the conference control functions that can be supported will not be completely consistent. Seeing the compatibility list of the video conference system platform for details.

Report system - statistics on conference usage and conference status. Customized development can be carried out according to customer requirements;

● Personnel hierarchical authority management - the system can refine the authority management of users to each menu option of the system, and users can divide the authority according to their own needs;

● Meeting template to launch meeting in one key - for important meetings and periodic meetings, users can set up meeting templates;

● Terminal breakpoint re-call - when the terminal breaks unexpectedly, the ECCOM video conference management system can automatically detect it and call it back into the conference.



Software Characteristic

● Intelligent management

 Intelligent equipment troubleshooting and emergency recovery mechanism to ensure seamless meeting;

● Service automation

 Automatic meeting organization and intelligent resource allocation mechanism to enable ordinary users to complete appointments for large-scale meetings; an efficient conference control mechanism enables the conference controller to switch conference application scenarios with one key.

● State visualization

 A variety of graphical display methods, clear at a glance;

● Data transparency

The automatic conversion of technical parameters to graphical reports enables non-technical personnel to understand various usage situations of the system.

● Process customization

Rich API interface, providing customized reservation, OA integration, and publishing platform integration.



ECCOM Meeting Assistant

ECCOM video cooperation management platform app makes meeting operation move with “fingers”.


● Meeting inquiry

You can filter according to in multiple dimensions of title keywords of meeting, meeting time, and meeting type.

The name, date, type and status of the meeting are clear at a glance, and you can quickly enter the meeting control interface.


● Meeting appointment

Instant meeting and future meeting can be instantly appointed.

The system back stage will automatically establish and convene meetings at the moment for the meeting. The entire process of setting up meeting is not necessary for manual intervention of participants.



● Meeting control

All-round control in one key for terminal audio and video control.




Relevant Content

ECCOM U-link provide Enterprise-grade IP voice service and video conferencing Collaboration Service.


Dependent on the structure of collaboration cloud,ECCOM supplies users with intelligent meeting solution.

Intelligent Conferencing Solution




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