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Products & Solutions

Enterprise Wan traffic scheduling

Business Challenge

At present, when enterprises deploy wan links, they often give priority to the dedicated line architecture. The application of dedicated lines to businesses is strongly coupled in importance. A large number of resources (expense investment, personnel operation and maintenance) are concentrated in key business parts, which leads to insufficient attention to other functional organizations or non-key business branches. When these areas fail, IT operation and maintenance personnel are unable to respond at the first time, thus affecting the user experience.

The following problems exist in the deployment of wan by existing enterprises:

● Insufficient granularity of link quality monitoring

● Link monitoring cannot be linked to traffic scheduling

● There are fewer diversion methods for multiple dedicated lines

● Unreasonable use of link resources

● Lack of effective and flexible ways to safeguard important businesses

● Operation and maintenance management efficiency needs to be improved



Solution Description


SD-WAN central control and management platform can realize the management of each functional node on the basis of network accessibility. In order to realize the bidirectional link resource allocation and dynamic optimization control between the central node (data center) and the branch node (branch), it is necessary to deploy SD-WAN optimization module or SD-WAN virtualization module in each of the central node and the branch node, wherein the central node side deploys complete functional modules, and the branch node side selects optimization module or virtualization module as appropriate, or both, as required.


During deployment, links that communicate over a wide area network must be transmitted through VPN encryption to ensure data security. VPN encryption is used for transmission over links that communicate over dedicated lines, depending on traffic characteristics, and no mandatory requirements are required.


The link that connects SD-WAN devices in series is added to the optimized resource pool of wan scheduling, which can flexibly select the link that needs to be included in the resource pool. Since SD-WAN has a variety of wan detection and optimization technologies, in principle it is weakly coupled to the underlying link types. It can select the preferred link based on different applications through corresponding strategies, or enable dynamic replication technology, giving priority to the data that arrives, thus improving the overall wan utilization rate and usage experience.


Whether the enterprise builds a new wan or upgrades it based on the existing wan, the current or planned network architecture will not be affected when the SD-WAN is deployed. SD-WAN devices are connected in series in the wan exit area and can support Bypass to ensure business continuity.



Solution Benefit

Through the deployment of ECCOM network enterprise wan traffic scheduling solution, no matter from the aspects of operation and maintenance management, service quality, investment income, etc., it can bring benefits to customers:

● Service sustainability: ensuring enterprise wan service sustainability.

● Cost savings: replacing high-input links with low-cost links will bring higher investment returns for enterprises without lowering or even improving service quality.

● Better user experience: improving user experience through high availability, intelligent service, wan optimization and other technologies.

● Simple deployment and management: simple deployment and management can be realized through centralized control and visualization, which saves operation and maintenance personnel and cost investment and improves the response and recovery speed of failures.



Relevant Content

The deployment of SD-Wan Solution can bring benefits to customers in terms of operation and maintenance management, service quality and investment returns.

 SD-Wan Solution



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