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Products & Solutions

Network and Application Performance Monitoring

Solution Overview

As shown in the chart below, all access relations and key performance indicators involved starting from access origination at the client, going through several nodes of network devices and links until reaching the server, can be visually displayed. Monitoring means are deployed at each key node, to enable quick location of any failure when it arises, discover hidden troubles timely and realize proactive operation & maintenance. 



A reliably running IT system not only guarantees business, but also demonstrates the value of IT operation & maintenance. Proactive operation & maintenance and quick troubleshooting have become core yardsticks of contemporary IT operation & maintenance. A visual system of business performance is needed. The Network and Application Performance Monitoring Solution powered by ECCOM Network System Co., Ltd. (ECCOM) can meet the highest standards of modern operation & maintenance by sorting out business relations, making correlated back-office configurations on visual interfaces and optimizing the views.  



Customers’ Pain

● Traditional operation & maintenance practices are too passive

Traditional operation & maintenance process: Whenever the system has a problem that affects business, user experience bears the brunt, and then relevant functions receive the feedback, which is then forwarded to Operation & Maintenance. Operation & maintenance is very passive and customer experience suffers. 


●  Incapable of quick troubleshooting

Upon learning problems with customer experience, Operation & Maintenance first of all analyzes the status of the infrastructure based on the network architecture, and if no problem is found, gives feedback to System or Application Development. Sometimes, several functions have to put their heads together to figure out where the problem is. This troubleshooting process is time-consuming and inefficient and involves subjective judgments, which may undermine the accuracy of troubleshooting.


 Impossible to conduct visual unified analysis

Traditional operation & maintenance practices require engineers to log in each system and key in a series of query commands. The query output is scattered and not visual. Visual interface is not available for unified observation and management. 



Solution Feature

● Visual display of the access path

As shown in the previous chart, the complex access relations involved in core business of customers, starting from access origination at the client, going through several nodes of network devices and links until reaching the server, can be displayed in unified visual monitoring views. Key performance indicators of key nodes are monitored on a real-time basis. Once any exception occurs, an alarm is sent immediately. End-to-end monitoring is realized in the real sense.


● Network traffic drill and analysis layer by layer

With traffic analysis at each key node, customers may identify hosts, communication pairs and applications in network traffic and rank servers and applications that have the largest traffic and slowest response. Monitors can be installed separately for different applications. Then, logical access relations of core business and real-time network performance status of each node are clear at a glance, and the weakness of network performance can be located immediately. "Triage" is the first step to quickly determine whether the problem exists in network or applications, client or server. And finally the root cause that affects business performance is pinpointed by drilling layer by layer. Quick and effective troubleshooting and service assurance are delivered.


 ● Digital KPI tracking regarding end user experience

With an approach combining code monitoring and active probing embedded in mobile APP, terminal access experience from users located anywhere is tracked on a real-time basis, jamming and interruption, slow rendering, slow interaction, exceptional display and crash in access from mobile terminals are tracked, discovered and located effectively, user APP version and model adaptation problem are summarized timely and APP compatibility is improved. It is possible to pinpoint whether the root cause affecting user access experience arises from APP, mobile terminal software and hardware or access mode. 


Server and application performance tracking and analysis

With the business system’s performance data on the server gathered, it is possible to determine the time consumed by each application process and method and quickly locate the passage of codes causing application delay, automatically display actually applied logical call and topological graphs and provide customers with accurate and detailed true user experience evaluation. 


● Unified log analysis system

Based on system data analysis, the properties of correlated network elements are defined and appropriate thresholds are set, and combined with the learning curve based on normal business state, it is possible to closely keep track of key logs and error codes, give early warnings of hidden troubles, distinguish logs from different vendors’ systems, sum up and drill key fields and conduct correlation analysis of logs of each node. 



Solution Strength

● Simplification: display complicated business processes and alarm data in a visual way;

●  Proactive monitoring and operation & maintenance: discover potential failures before complaints;

● Quick troubleshooting: save the time spent on problem solving and improve user experience;

● Visualization: make the access path from client to server, the links and performance data of key nodes visible at a glance; 

● Allow the operation & maintenance staff to work more efficiently;

●  Reduce operation & maintenance costs. 



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