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Products & Solutions

Intelligent Conferencing

Solution Overview

For enterprises, video communication has become an essential means of communication and also a dominant trend in the means of communication. With increasingly fierce competition, globalized development trend, wider and wider working space needs of employees and increasingly abundant communication tools, what kinds of video meeting systems do enterprises need? The answer may be summarized in three key words:


● High Definition--For important meetings, such as leadership decision-making, B2B enterprise negotiations, business discussions, and annual summary reports, every subtle expression and movement of a speaker may deliver an important message. High-definition and immersive meeting effects have become an essential in construction of enterprise video meetings.

● Collaboration--with the expansion of working spaces, it has become more and more impractical for all employees to sit in one meeting room. An enterprise needs such a video communication system that must be able to call together all its employees of anywhere at the same time for a meeting. In the mean time, the employees may be connected to the meeting with any communication devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop terminals. Moreover, meetings need abundant media forms to be efficient. High-definition videos, PC demonstration, electronic whiteboards, and document cameras will all become parts of current video meeting communication forms.

● Intelligent experiences--Comfortable user experiences enable users to focus on what’s going on meetings with no need to sense technical details; friendly meeting control experiences make appointment of meetings more practical to users and control of meetings faster and more efficient; streamlined IT operation and maintenance experiences may help significantly reduce IT operation and maintenance costs and make the system efficient and available.


ECCOM supplies its users with the user experience-oriented intelligent meeting solution which is dependent on the structure of collaboration cloud and based on high-definition and immersive meeting effects.


ECCOM Intelligent Conferencing Solution

Combining intelligent terminals, platform, meeting rooms and applications, ECCOM intelligent meeting solution offers simplified operation control and efficient system management while bringing users with ultimate meeting experiences.


Current intelligent video communication system includes the IP voice communication and video meeting system and corresponding recording system and meeting management system. With the rapid business development and diversified changes, the demands for various intelligent systems have been increasing. The current video meeting platforms need to be supplemented with an intelligent AI collaboration and application system to meet the requirements for intelligent identification of the faces and voices of meeting attendees.


Intelligent Terminals: Anyone of anywhere may be connected to a meeting via any network carriers (such as company intranet, internet, 3G and other enterprise intranets) with any devices (such as meeting room terminals, tablets, smart phones, PC and ordinary telephones).


Intelligent Platform:ECCOM U-link helps to offer the collaborative terminal cloud hosting service and supports the business pattern with mixed disposition of customer self-construction and cloud platform.


Intelligent meeting room: unified control of all components, such as lights, curtains and terminals, in one meeting room.

Face recognition: capture of facial images with cameras, 1:1 contrast, personal identification, and attendance.

Voice recognition: capture of speeches with microphones, conversion of voices into words, display and background record keeping.


● Intelligent Application: With the help of ECCOM’s video collaboration management platform software, video meetings may be perfectly blended in users’ business and office platform and accommodate to users’ meeting appointment habit.


ECCOM customizes for its users the designing of overall structure from the bottom to users from various levels such as network layers, servers, operation management, terminal devices, and application management, to prevent compatible problems among different levels and improve video effects and experiences.


Solution Strength

 Complete architectural designs--From application, terminals, management, and servers to basic networks, ECCOM has specialized technical engineers to provide its customers with complete architectural designs.


● End-to-end Solution--From desktop soft terminals to meeting room TelePresence devices, ECCOM offers abundant product lines and consistent user experiences to enable ubiquitous video communication.


● Integrated meeting appointment--The meeting control software of ECCOM may be integrated with users’ original OA and information distribution systems to provide customers with customized products.


 Intelligent management--ECCOM’s video collaboration management platform software offers intelligent meeting management experiences to its customers.


● Turnkey and one-stop services--In addition to the turnkey projects covering from machine room construction to user experiences, ECCOM also brings its customers with the one-stop services including system structure design, project management, project implementation, and project maintenance.



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ECCOM U-link provide Enterprise-grade IP voice service and video conferencing Collaboration Service.






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