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Products & Solutions

Public Cloud

Solution Overview

Public cloud is the largest advanced software-defined data center in the world. Large-scale distributed storage, hardware SDN and other technologies rarely seen in private cloud are widely used in public cloud. Its operation has been certified by numerous standardization and security compliance organizations and its usage scenario has been designed according to proven best practices of the IT industry. All of these will help public cloud users bid farewell to the long-drawn-out and inconsistent IT delivery process and enjoy higher efficiency and quality of IT delivery.


To R&D and operation technicians of business software, public cloud provides a complete variety of API, tools, SDK, templates, standards and support to latest platform technologies such as container, can be easily built from scratch or integrated with the existing DevOps stack and lays a solid foundation for DevOps and automated operation and maintenance. 


Furthermore, public cloud makes possible backup, disaster recovery and multi-branch access solutions of lower costs and easier to use rather than traditional solutions and provides new solutions to old problems.


Public cloud not only provides technical support to securities business, but also changes the past IT investment structure, as senior management will find. After public cloud is given more weight, IT changes from a heavy asset burden in terms of equipment and human resources to a powerful cost-effective tool that can improve overall operation in an dynamicchanging market.


ECCOM Network System Co., Ltd. (ECCOM), as a new IT service provider, has been working on the cloud computing market for many years and always has unique insight into and vision of public cloud business. With experience in public cloud accumulated over these years, we are well placed to provide you with public cloud lifecycle services, including consulting, testing, implementation, operation and maintenance, and training, and are widely recognized in the industry. 


ECCOM Public Cloud Solution

On the cloud side, ECCOM Public Cloud Solution combines a wide range of services and solutions to satisfy your needs for different applications and scenarios:

Cloud Management and Operation Service

● Provide technical and operational services related to infrastructure and platform operations;

● Provide unified management and operation services across different public cloud platforms and even private cloud platforms, including monitoring, billing and resource management.

"Cloud +" Solution

● Provide cloud disaster backup, cloud office and cloud security solutions by integrating products offered by partners in the cloud ecosphere;

● Provide service consulting on hot applications by incorporating the features of public cloud.


Solution Strength

By choosing ECCOM Public Cloud Solution, you will enjoy:

● Elastic IT resources and optimized TCO

Public cloud is able to provide elastic massive IT resources to help you fine-tune usage of the entire cloud platform and use the exactly right amount of resources to realize business, and allows you to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).


● Rich innovative modules and realization of digital shift

For different emerging business scenarios, public cloud is able to provide a great variety of mature innovative business modules, and provides you with solid support in terms of AI, Internet of Things and Big Data, to allow you do more with less. 


● Superior cloud service and pleasant cloud experience

ECCOM will provide you with public cloud lifecycle services from planning, deployment to operation and maintenance and the best experience in moving to and using cloud, with our consistent professionalism and expertise. You may concentrate on business rather than operation and maintenance and maximize the value of you and your team. 




Relevant Content 

As a MSP service provider, ECCOM network currently provides a series of professional services such as consultation, migration, secure hosting and optimization, etc. for customers' public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and traditional IT infrastructure.





Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  :
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



ECCOM Smart Service
360° Comprehensive Lifecycle Services

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