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Products & Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Applications have decisive influence on IT architecture. The increasing use of Internet-based applications, popularization of container technology and data explosion have made existing problems with the traditional virtualized architecture worse:

● Bottleneck in disk read/write, storage controller and I/O performance in network transmission;

● Poor scalability, unable to expand capacity in proportion to performance;

● Risks associated with single-point failure, data recovery and centralized disk storage;

● Fragmented and complicated operation & maintenance mode perplexing management of operation & maintenance;

● The burden of high cost.



ECCOM Cloud Infrastructure Solution

ECCOM Cloud Infrastructure Solution builds private cloud for enterprises and provides local deployment of computing, storage, virtualization and network resource pool. Customers may choose Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) based on commercial products or open-ended cloud infrastructure based on Openstack depending on their deployment of applications or IT development plan. 

Unlike the first-generation hyper-converged system, ECCOM Cloud Infrastructure Solution contains an integrated network switching matrix and boasts powerful data optimization functions. It combines computing, storage and network functions and applies the "growth and investment driven" consumption mode of cloud to the internal infrastructure to provide unprecedented agility, efficiency and adaptability. 

Our solution can be quickly deployed, easily managed and scaled up and is able to provide a unified resource pool and powerful support to applications as required by business.

Hyper convergence uses "software-defined" technology and realizes traditional data center IT services on common x86 server, including computing, storage, virtualization, network, and operation & maintenance. To put it more simply, it “replaces server + traditional centralized shared storage perfectly with x86 server plus software”.


Solution Feature

ECCOM Cloud Infrastructure Solution is ideally designed to create an IT environment that is future-proof and adaptable to the ever changing requirements, and does not rely on any particular hardware, OS, applications or suppliers, leaving flexible choices of IT hardware resources to customers.

● Be structured fully based on OpenStack open source platform and development specifications, 100% support native OpenStack API, keep abreast with the community and be never outdated, and allow secondary in-house development by using all resources available from the full-stack OpenStack ecosystem;

● Provide a complete HA solution, and apply dual hot backup or cluster deployment to key modules of the platform;

● Adopt hierarchical concept, modular design and distributed architecture and take scalability into account;

● Assure security of the cloud platform with a combination of mechanisms, including system-level security, user-level security and maintenance-level security;

● Provide distributed storage, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and software-based SDN;

● Provide user-friendly Web interface, enable management and operation with ease and support customization;

● Make maintenance and management easier and provide a great choice of operation & maintenance tools and components.


Solution Strength

  • ECCOM Cloud Infrastructure Solution is committed to helping customers overcome all sorts of constraints found in existing products and creating an agile, efficient, adaptable and reliable solution:

  • ● Unlike traditionally structured storage service that relies on privately owned hardware or virtualized computing realized on different software and hardware platforms, our solution realizes convergence of virtualized computing and storage in one software stack and is deployed on common x86 servers, a significant cost saver with respect to software and hardware acquisition;

  • ● Software-defined storage service is provided and storage I/O performance can increase linearly with capacity thanks to bottleneck-free distributed software design and implementation. Scaleout is possible without performance bottleneck;

  • ● Thanks to the high availability of distributed storage, high availability and redundancy are realized and business continuity is assured. Each server is equivalent to a storage controller, free from the hidden trouble of single-point failure. Elastic duplicate technology provides users with a more flexible and reliable data protection mechanism;

  • ● The hardware infrastructure supports a wide range of virtualized and cloud platforms, open-ended API interface and SDK, and makes it easier to form an integrated solution together with other products in the upstream and downstream such as backup and business monitoring. 



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