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Products & Solutions

Digital Workspace

Solution Overview

In this crucial period of fighting against pandemic in 2020, in response to the state call of “Strict Control, Less Travel”, many enterprises turn to telecommuting. In this connection, ECCOM has developed a one-stop digital workspace solution to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business.

Telecommuting is not just about people working together, but more about full business access and management, while ensuring user experience and security.

How to meet the requirements of different industry scenarios?


Solution Feature

ECCOM creating the one-stop efficient telecommuting solution!

Wherever you are, the ECCOM Digital Workspace solution easily and safely delivers and manages any application on any device by integrating access control, application management and multi-platform endpoint management.

With its rich experience in remote desktop, mobile terminal management and other fields, ECCOM helps enterprises to move towards the era of Application as a Service (AaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS), meeting the needs of enterprises and employees from five dimensions.

● Undifferentiated user experience: unlimited use of office environment at any time and any place with any application and any device.

● Complete working environment: a complete workspace to ensure complete access to applications and data by users.

● Investment protection: Telecommuting is not only for telecommuting in special periods, but also for business trips, meetings and vacations in the future, greatly improving the work efficiency.

● Zero Trust security: free of security risk or data leakage risk. Data security is free from security risks caused by massive external network access by mobile office and home office employees as well as BYOD. 

● Easy to use: easy to deploy quickly, with the same experience as in the office, without the need for initialization in the company, without the need for complex installation, configuration and training.

Solution Strength

100% company desktop experience at home


A digital workspace solution changes fundamentally the way IT department delivers services to end-users, enabling the enterprise delivering necessary applications and data to employees across any devices. With the advanced cloud management technology, a digital workspace solution can provide a cross-platform, location and device self-service work mode, bringing 100% company desktop experience to employees at home:

● The pre-verified architecture can support home office, enabling access to all authorized enterprise applications by employees at home;

● Flexible customization strategy covering all terminals including iOS/Android/Win10/macOS;

● The ability to push application/script/patch and other contents, with all-platform APP store and single sign-on; 

● Access to core applications through the virtual desktop system to ensure data floating. Remote erasure to ensure data security; 

● Remote assistance tools to assist IT in timely response and remote troubleshooting.


Easy achieving fast delivery of remote office desktop and APP

● Flexible delivery

Rapid deployment of a fully functional and personalized digital workspace using a variety of desktop fabrication methods and user environment management technology. Easy performance monitoring, alarm setting and troubleshooting to improve user experience.

● Efficient transport protocol

WAN efficient protocol to reduce bandwidth consumption and ensure home access experience of remote users.

● Zero architecture deployment

DaaS delivery model to deliver desktops to any terminal in the first time free from deployment of basic management components. Desktop subscription based on actual requirements.

● Fully support vGPU

Service for design, manufacturing, AI and other application scenarios. Meeting the needs of designers and AI developers working from home.


Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  :
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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