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Products & Solutions


Solution Overview

Since its outbreak in January 2020, COVID-19 has become increasingly severe, and the whole country is fighting together against the disease as if experiencing a white war.

Under the guidance of the State Council and local governments, all parts of the country have issued measures to delay the resumption of work. In order to minimize the risk of employees catching the virus, telecommuting has become a work style for all walks of life at present.

COVID-19 poses a challenge for telecommuting.


First, we are right here to solve the basic issues of telecommuting for enterprises!


Basic scenario - fast and secure remote access!

● Rapid deployment

Pure software solution: IT staff remotely complete the installation and configuration of VPN platform for OA, website, video conference and so on, and remote access to the internal business resources through VPN at home can be realized by downloading and installing the client software at the employee terminal.

● Compatibility

VPN platform software supporting virtualization platform or public cloud, client software supports various computer, PAD and mobile phone operating systems, independent of the hardware platform, with good compatibility for various systems and terminals.


Virtual firewall providing network perimeter protection, effectively prevent various external potential cyber-attacks, and ensure internal business and data security;

Live control of the security policy of employee terminal access devices to manage the business access rights of different employees (advanced scenario) on the identity authentication platform.

● Scalability

Scalability available on the platform, effectively responding to different employee telecommuting needs, long-term stable and reliable telecommuting access even after COVID-19;

With its rich relevant project experience and technical expert resources of mainstream manufacturers, ECCOM helps enterprises to complete the rapid establishment of telecommuting platform or the expansion of existing VPN platform.

We also provide proper advanced solution! 


Advanced Scenario A: Comprehensive telecommuting considerations!

● Telecommuting increases the security risks of the enterprise while providing employees with remote access to the business system, where is the solution?

● A large number of new employee access will impact the existing network bandwidth of the enterprise, thus affecting the normal use and experience of the business system, where is the solution?

● Huge number of new remote access users bring great pressure to the existing telecommuting system of the enterprise, with frequent failure of remote access or instable access to business system, where is the solution?

● Telecommuting using laptops at home is the main work style for employees during the outbreak. But for companies, the question is how to ensure that employees' laptops are safe and compliant and that their data is not leaked?

Advanced Scenario B: ECCOM U-link telecommuting service!


Advanced Scenario C: On-demand cloud desktop platform!


Rapid Deployment, Elastic Scale, Flexible Payment, Cost Saving.

15 minutes to create a new cloud desktop, payment by month or by hour, effectively solving core data storage, building isolation protection for confidential enterprise data, adapting to the following specific scenarios:



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Video-based Tele-consultation

ECCOM video cooperation management platform ,makes meeting operation move with “fingers” .

ECCOM video cooperation management platform




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