ECCOM Became the First Certified MSP of Splunk in China


On January 6, 2020, ECCOM became the first certified MSP (Managed Service Provider) of Splunk, a leading international big data analysis company in China, marking a milestone and a new stage of the cooperation between ECCOM and Splunk.

Splunk MSP business model is more common in foreign countries, which means that the certification service provider purchases relevant software licenses from manufacturers, independently completes the construction and maintenance of the big data analysis cloud operation platform, and provides the entire services to asset-light users in the form of subscription service, with the users connected to MSP through the network, encryption technology to ensure the security of information transmission on the network as well as high comprehensive strength requirements on service providers.

The first domestic MSP qualification of ECCOM issued by Splunk marks the recognition by manufacturers of ECCOM’s full life-cycle service capability of consulting, testing, implementation, operation and maintenance as well as training of big data analysis projects, creating favorable conditions for ECCOM to better develop its big data analysis business and improve its overall consulting service capability in the future. We believe that the rapid development of MSP business in ECCOM can not only enrich its overall solutions, but also contribute to its market expansion and business model transformation.